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Main Office Number - 512.463.5495

E-mail -

Rod Welsh

Executive Director

Ann Vay

Executive Assistant

Bob Cash

Deputy Executive Director

Dale Hernandez

Internal Auditor

Linda Gaby

Director of Administration

Christopher Currens

Director of Special Projects

Leslie Pawelka

Attorney/Public Information Officer

Virginia Benavidez

Contract Management Specialist

Robert Davis

Events & Exhibits Coordinator

Patty Hernandez-Ruiz

Purchasing Coordinator

Jane Falkenberg

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

David Byers

Director of Information Resources

Andre Bygrave

Web Administrator/Designer

Rosemary Rodriguez

IT Support Specialist

Tony Hubbard

A/V Technician

Human Resources

Main Office Number - 512.463.5495

E-mail -

Dale Sumers

HR Manager

Valerie Simpson

HR Specialist

Dana Dennett

HR Assistant


Main Office Number - 512.463.5495

E-mail -

Cynthia Provine, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Barb Hanus, CPA

Chief Accountant

Deanna Wall

Sr. Accountant

Lindsey Alvarado


Angela Knoll


Vashyra Waller


Yvette Rendon

Payroll/Leave Coordinator


Main Office Number - 512.463.5495

Service Desk - 47777 (within the Capitol)

John Nichols

Capitol Fire Marshal

Rachel Santos-Ramirez

Risk Manager

Joe Medina

Housekeeping & Grounds Manager

Douglas Young

Sr. Design Specialist

Kevin Koch, AIA

Architect and Project Manager

Steve Aguirre

Customer Service Coordinator

Araceli Ripper

Administrative Assistant


Main Office Number - 512.463.5495

E-mail -

Ali James

Curator of the Texas Capitol

Richard Eisenhour

Collections Coordinator

Paige Hester

Curatorial Projects Coordinator

Michelle Lambing

Graphics Coordinator

Visitors Center, Capitol Information, and Tour Guides

Visitors Center Office Number - 512.305.8400

Capitol Tour Guides Office Number - 512.463.0063

Visitors Center E-mail -

Kyle Schlafer

CVC Manager

Richard Poland

Tour Guides Manager

Kandace Russell

Tour Coordinator

Elizabeth Garzone


Eric Boedy

Governor's Mansion & State Cemetery Reservationist

Jenna Archuletta

Gallery Assistant

Kyle Walker

Gallery Assistant

Capitol Gift Shops and Fulfillment Center

Toll Free Number- 1.888.678.5556

Local Phone Number - 512.305.8406

E-mail -

Erin Christensen

Director of Retail


Sheryl Baker

Retail Purchasing Assistant


Misha Buckman

Store Operations and Replenishment Manager


Michael Dillon

Retail Ecommerce Coordinator


Carolyn Rzeppa

Retail Marketing Manager


Karen Griffin

Fulfillment Center Manager


Angelia Hennigan

Capitol Visitors Center Store Manager


Susie Brewer

Capitol Extension Store Manager


Mike Byers

Bullock Museum Store Manager


Capitol Visitors Parking Garage

Main Office Number - 512.463.6365

E-mail -

Irene Arispe

Parking Garage Supervisor

John Wessels

Parking Meter Technician

Luke McNicholas

Parking Meter Technician