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Main Office Number - 512.463.5495

E-mail -

Rod Welsh

Executive Director

Ann Vay

Executive Assistant

Bob Cash

Deputy Executive Director

Dale Hernandez

Internal Auditor

Linda Gaby

Director of Administration

Virginia Benavidez

Purchaser/CAPPS Coordinator

Patty Hernandez-Ruiz

Purchasing Coordinator

Jane Falkenberg

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

Christopher Currens

Director of Special Projects

Tony Hubbard

Telecom Specialist

Information Technology

David Byers

Director of Information Resources

Andre Bygrave

Web Administrator/Designer

Rosemary Rodriguez

System Support Specialist

Human Resources

Main Office Number - 512.463.5495

E-mail -

Valerie Simpson

HR Manager

Elithia Rangel

HR Specialist III

Dana Dennett

HR Assistant


Main Office Number - 512.463.5495

E-mail -

Cynthia Provine, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Barb Hanus, CPA

Chief Accountant

Deanna Wall

Sr. Accountant

Lindsey Alvarado


Angela Knoll


Vashyra Waller


Laura Kelly

Accounting Technician

Yvette Rendon

Payroll/Leave Coordinator


Main Office Number - 512.463.5495

Service Desk - 47777 (within the Capitol)

John Nichols

Capitol Fire Marshal

Rachel Santos

Risk Manager

Chris Nunn

Maintenance Manager

Joe Medina

Housekeeping & Grounds Manager

Kevin Koch, AIA

Architect of the Capitol

Douglas Young

Sr. Design Specialist

Steve Aguirre

Customer Service Coordinator

Araceli Ripper

Administrative Assistant


Main Office Number - 512.463.5495

E-mail -

Ali James

Curator of the Capitol

Paige Hester

Curatorial Projects Coordinator

Richard Eisenhour

Collections Coordinator

Michelle Lambing

Graphics Coordinator

Capitol Visitors Services

Capitol Tour Guides Office Number - 512.463.0063

Visitors Center Office Number - 512.305.8400

Visitors Center E-mail -

Elizabeth Reid

CVC Manager

Joyce Aldridge

Tour Guides Manager

Elizabeth Garzone


Kandace Russell

Tour Coordinator

Moin Baig

Assistant Tour Coordinator

Eric Boedy

Governor's Mansion & State Cemetery Reservationist

Capitol Retail

Toll Free Number- 1.888.678.5556

Local Phone Number - 512.305.8406

E-mail -

Erin Christensen

Director of Retail


Sheryl Baker

Retail Purchasing Assistant


Misha Buckman

Head of Retail Operations


Carolyn Rzeppa

Head of Marketing


Michael Dillon

Ecommerce Administrator


Karen Griffin

Head of Warehouse & Logistics


Angelia Hennigan

Capitol Visitors Center Store Manager



Capitol Extension Store Manager


Mike Byers

Bullock Museum Store Manager


Capitol Visitors Parking Garage

Main Office Number - 512.463.6365

E-mail -

Irene Arispe

Parking Garage Supervisor

John Wessels

Parking Meter Technician

Luke McNicholas

Parking Meter Technician

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