Volunteer Firemen Monument
Erected by the State Firemen's Association of Texas, 1896 (modified in 1905).
Base Designer: Frank Teich
Sculptor: J. Segesman
Capitol Historical Artifact Collection, State Preservation Board

A bronze figure of a fireman carries a frightened child in his left arm and a lantern in his right. The granite base and ring of granite pillars list the names of Texan volunteers who have lost their lives fighting fires.

As a historical artifact, the Volunteer Firemen monument includes historical omissions and errors. After consulting with museum and historical professionals, the State Preservation Board determined not to alter the monument and leave it as a historic artifact of the period. For a complete and accurate list of Texan volunteers firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty, please view the list below.

Complete List of Texan Volunteer Firefighters
Monument Expansion

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