Extension Legislative Conference Center

The LCC is designed to provide a convenient setting for office holders to host functions and meetings.

Application Process

  1. Download and read the LCC Policy .
  2. View calendar to make sure desired date and time is available.
  3. Complete the request form at the bottom of this page and submit for review. If you need to submit additional documents after submitting this initial request please send as attachment to Capitol.Events@tspb.texas.gov.
  4. A State Official Sponsor must fill out and submit the Events Sponsorship Form .
  5. Requestor will be contacted by the SPB Capitol Events Coordinator to finalize the request after it is reviewed.

Supporting Content

Legislative Conference Center Standard Setup .

Behind LCC podium looking into empty room
LCC kitchen


Request Form

The Legislative Conference Center's form has been taken down. LCC availability is AT CAPACITY for the 88th Legislature. Please inquire with the Capitol Special Events coordinator at 512 463 3051 with any questions.