Operated by the State Preservation Board, the Bullock Texas State History Museum includes three floors of exhibitions, an IMAX® Theatre, the Texas Spirit Theater, a café, an underground parking garage and a museum store. Explore the Bullock Museum at The STORY of TEXAS.com .

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La Belle: The Ship That Changed History

The award-winning exhibition La Belle: The Ship That Changed History examines the history and scientific recovery of the 300-year-old French ship. This incredible archaeological find documents the failed 1864 expedition by French explorer René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, and the dynamic and complex relationships between the French colonists, Spanish empire, and regional American Indians. The exhibition features the ship’s preserved and reconstructed hull, artifacts excavated from the shipwreck, interactive touch screens exploring the ship's contents, and original films documenting the excavation and La Salle's journey. Don't miss the Bullock Museum's exclusive multi-sensory film Shipwrecked, the story of La Belle as seen through the eyes of one of the few survivors, shown in the Texas Spirit Theater on the Museum’s second floor daily.

Texas History Galleries

Hundreds of original artifacts from around the globe—ranging from delicate, previously unseen objects from French and Spanish conquests to rare battle swords and rifles that forged Texas’s independence to a Nobel Prize Medal and the first integrated circuit—are on display in three floors at the Bullock Museum. These artifacts combined with contemporary scholarly research, weekly installations of new artifacts, and frequent exhibition changes portray more than 13,000 years of Texas history.

IMAX® with Laser

Austin's only certified Giant Screen is at the Bullock Museum. At six stories high and 84 feet wide, this screen also provides the largest IMAX® Theatre experience in Texas. The state-of-the-art IMAX laser projection system, 12-channel immersive audio, and comfortable 320-seat theater ensure an unequaled immersive experience for first-run feature films, repertory films, and documentaries. Learn more at The STORY of TEXAS.com .

Texas Story Project

A digital collection of stories from throughout Texas, the Texas Story Project is an ongoing initiative that preserves text, images, and video from online visitors. Connecting the personal histories contributed to the project with communities, places, and objects from throughout the state, submissions are welcome from all visitors online at The STORY of TEXAS.com . Exceptional submissions to the project, with original artifacts from the contributors, are displayed in the Museum’s Texas History Galleries.