State Preservation Board staff maintain the 22 acres surrounding the Capitol. This includes upkeep of fountains, lights, benches, trash receptacles, signage, fencing, lawn and gates. Groundskeepers care for historic trees, some of which have stood for more than a century. They utilize a sprinkler system and plant perennial vegetation to conserve water and still beautify the Grounds.

Monument Cleaning

State Preservation Board staff clean monumental statuary throughout the Grounds on an annual basis. They use techniques obtained from specialized training that few historic sites in the country have available to them on a routine basis.

Capitol Rose Garden

Near the end of each February, State Preservation Board facilities staff prune the Capitol's Tyler Rose Garden. They cut back growth on all of the bushes. This annual pruning promotes healthy bushes and ensures beautiful flowers for the coming year.

Texas Peace Officers Memorial Project

2015 - 2016

The Texas Peace Officers monument has suffered from a continual and unsightly accumulation of salts and other minerals. In the past, crews had to sandblast the monument annually to remove the minerals. In the summer of 2015, a project replaced the concrete vertical pieces with polished granite eliminating the possibility of future mineral accumulation. The monument received state-of-the-art, energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures. Workers re-set the ground pavers and re-sealed all joints on the monument. Private funds paid for the entire project.

Visit - Texas Peace Officers' Memorial Page.

Volunteer Firemen's Monument Expansion


No space remained on the original structure of the Volunteer Firemen's monument for additional names. In spring 2015, the installation of a ring of solid granite panels provided room for over 500 new names. The four sections of panels stand in the space around the monument originally intended as a planting bed. The project received funding from the 84th legislature and private donations. Names of volunteer firefighter's who perished in the West Fertilizer Company explosion on April 17, 2013, were among the first 21 engraved on the new panels.

Visit - Volunteer Firemen's Monument Page.

Other Projects & Initiatives